About Eva

I’m  a Southern girl through and through: I was born in Texas, grew up in rural Louisiana (although I did spend some of my early childhood in Chicago), and returned to Texas after graduating college.  In Texas, I married my college sweetheart, went on to law school, and had two lovely daughters: Starkitten (who is now 3) and Sunfilly (who is now 2).   I then went on to practice law in a large city in Texas.

These guys plague my inlaws' tea plantation... and, also, here is proof that Africa isn't all jungle.

My family is one of plurality, being interracial, multicultural (I come from a Latino family on my father’s side, Polish on my mother’s; and my husband is a Kenyan immigrant), and interfaith (Christian/Wiccan)… not to mention my husband and I share quite different tastes in music.

All of this makes family life fun and full of learning, especially in terms of the food we cook at home and the holidays we celebrate (the kids get to open presents twice in December)…  Although it all also come with its share of difficulties in the outside world.

People have no idea how beautiful Louisiana is... and that it isn't all swamp.

In September 2011, my husband was transferred through his employer to rural Ohio.  I put my law career aside (at least for the time being) and became a stay-at-home mom.  After being a Southern girl–and a city girl–for so long, I had reservations about life in the country in the North.

But I soon discovered that this opened a door to many adventures in parenting, cooking, craft-making and learning in general.  It also lets me rekindle my passion for outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

These adventures are what I will share on my blog.  My goal is to post twice a week: every Wednesday and Saturday.

UPDATE 3/10/2012:  As the result of my husband hitting me, the children and I have returned to Texas.  As such, the tone and subject of my blog will be changing a bit–as will my blog frequency–until we get on our feet.

Feel free to send me an email at mommysauruswrecks@gmail.com.  (Note:  Hate mail will be promptly deleted.)

The nature trail in the park near my new hometown in Ohio... very lovely indeed! And it looks just like the cliché "path less traveled." I think it's the path to new adventures in a new place, new climate, new lifestyle.

*Yes, I know that the “road less traveled” is actually about two roads looking the same.  That’s why I said it’s a cliché.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kelly
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 19:40:42

    Hi: You commented on a TreeHugger post of mine last month asking if you could post about my mushroom lentil bourguignon. I didn’t see the comment until just now. Please feel free to post any of the recipes you try, as long as you credit it.

    Thanks! Hope you liked the recipe



  2. It's a Wiccan Life
    Mar 31, 2012 @ 03:19:34

    Hello! I’m pleased to have stumbled upon our blog. I actually plan on going to law school as well. Blessed Be.
    oh would you mind if I added your blog to, oh crap what’s it called? I guess simply put would you mind if I followed your blog?


    • Mommysaurus
      Mar 31, 2012 @ 08:37:06

      Blessed Be, as well! And good luck with law school! Let me know when you get in and whether it’s a state or private school (you don’t have to tell me which school) and I’ll share some of the “lessons learned” of some of my friends and me that would be applicable to your situation–we had to learn the hard way how to survive the economy. Just know, too, that being a lawyer is as much about networking and palm-greasing as it is about actually helping people and/or doing good.

      As for adding me to your blogroll–I’d be flattered! Thank you for the kind words and, again, good luck!


  3. It's a Wiccan Life
    Mar 31, 2012 @ 19:11:39

    Thank you! I’m actually only in my second year of university so I have a few more years till law school. But I appreacite your kind offer of help!! I am in Canada so things might be different? Also I was just wondering and you don’t have to answer, but what law do you practice? Blessed Be!!


    • Mommysaurus
      Mar 31, 2012 @ 19:18:52

      While Canada is probably different, depending on the area of law you go into, you may very well work with attorneys from other countries. The legal community is very small. I’ve done document review for business litigation and my pro bono work and internships were in the area of family law. Currently, though, I’m unemployed.


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